West Michigan Veterans Ranch

WMVR was started by veterans for the purpose of helping our fellow veterans find and receive the help they deserve while providing the comradery they've become accustomed to in the service. We like to sum it up by saying: 
"Veterans helping veterans"

Our Mission

Who we are

Our mission is to ensure that no veteran is left behind. We use our experience as former service members to aid those of us who're struggling with the transition back to civilian life or those who've just fallen on hard times. We do this in a few different ways:


Fund Raisers

The Ranch

Building Bonds

From everyone here at the ranch,
We would like to congratulate Dean DeCanter.
He was recently chosen by Fox 17 to receive the:
 Pay it Forward Spotlight Award


A testimonial:

Telling you what we do is only half of the battle, the other half is impressing on you the impact it has on the lives of those affected. To do that, here is a testimonial that was written for us from an outreach we did a while back. If you want more information here is a link to the news story.

"I just wanted to tell you how West Michigan Veterans Ranch has helped my family when my husband John was sick and dying. We had been trying for a while to get a wheelchair ramp for about 2-3 months from the VA, but the park where we live was giving us a hassle about the ramp from the VA because it was metal. My sister-in-law got a hold of TV8 about it and it aired May 2017. West Michigan Veterans Ranch along with Hometown Battles got a hold of us, they wanted to build a wheelchair ramp & deck for us. I was a little careful because we didn't have money for anything. But they came and talked to us and told us it wouldn't cost us anything at all. They brought in carpenters and volunteers, and they already had donations that took care of everything, permits and all. They got volunteers to work with them and it took them less than 2 weeks from start to finish. They worked morning and night, they were all so very kind and caring, even after all was said and done. They were still around right up to and after my husband passed. When it was near the end they stayed and were here for when he passed. They helped me so very much with the funeral and everything else. In fact, my husband and I called them our lifesavers. We were so blessed by them for everything they did and still do. They are the real heroes.

Amy B."

Want to have fun while making friends
and helping your community?

Donating your time doesn't have to be a chore, we're a group of veterans who can make even the most boring tasks enjoyable. If you would like to join our cause and have fun making a difference in peoples lives. Take a couple minutes and fill out our volunteer form.

No one at WMVR receives any compensation for their time, so please be patient with us as we may not respond immediately!

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Website ManagerEmailcontactwmvr@gmail.com
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